Fair-Rite Expands Power Materials and Components Offering

Fair-Rite now offers a full line of power material components

Pot Cores, RM Cores, PQ Cores, E Cores, EFD Cores, Planar Cores, ETD Cores and EER Cores

A high frequency 79 Material for power applications up to 750kHz

A low loss 97 Material for power applications up to 400kHz

A specifically designed 78 Material for power applications for frequencies up to 200kHz

New England Wire Technologies Litz and Formed CablesWhiteLine
The primary benefit of a Litz conductor is the reduction of A.C. losses
NEWT has pioneered the development of formed and compacted Litz designs

Typical applications for Litz conductors include high frequency inductors and transformers, inverters, communication equipment, ultrasonic equipment, sonar equipment, television and radio equipment and induction heating equipment


Parker Chomerics – Leading Supplier of EMI Shielding Solutions
EMI Shielding materials include

conductive elastomers and plastic

metal and conductive fabric over foam gaskets

conductive coatings and adhesives

foil tapes and laminates


Xymox Introduces XYCAP – Digitally Controlled Capacitive SwitchingWhiteLine


Capacitive touch solution with durability, sealability and ease of use

Option to design in scroll wheel and slider type features

Designs focus on the Cypress Semiconductor family of CapSense™ chips.

AVX'S Proprietary X7S Dielectric Enables the First 1206 Size 100V MLCC With 4.7 uF Capacitance & 125°C Max Temp
30% smaller mounting surface than 1210 size products allows improved design flexibility

ideal for use in small industrial equipment products with long service lives

exhibits ripple-resistance in frequency bands extending to more than several dozen KHz

AVX is Now a Qualified Supplier of "M", "P" & "R" Level MIL-PRF-39006 Wet Tantalum CapacitorsWhiteLine
wet tantalum advantages over other capacitor technologies

high volumetric efficiency

electrical performance over temperature is very stable

wide operating temperature range of -55⁰C to + 125⁰C

better frequency characteristics than aluminum electrolytic

no wear out mechanism


AVX Introduces SpiTanIII V 2.0 Tantalum & Niobium Oxide Capacitor Simulation Software

helps electronic design engineers model and build stable, robust, and reliable designs

Features an expanded library of more than 3,000 part numbers and a new two-capacitor comparison function

dedicated button enable users to generate S-parameters

all graphs created in SpiTanIII V2.0 may be exported

AVX Introduces Automotive TransFeed Varistor
unique combination of multilayer ceramic construction in a feedthru configuration

responds to transient events faster than any TVS device on the market today

provides significant EMI attenuation

filtering and bi-directional protection


AVX Receives Defense Logistics Agency Approval For ACCU-L Thin Film Inductors
DLA Land & Maritime drawings assures that these components have been tested and are suitable for military applications


unique in their ability to provide extremely low inductance values (0.56nH) and ultra-tight inductor tolerances (±0.05nH)

very consistent characteristics within a lot or lot-to-lot

Ideal applications for the series include: filters, global positioning systems, matching networks, mobile communications, radar systems, RF modules, and VCOs